I recently setup Windows to Go on my Surface Pro 3 via my 64 GB Super Talent USB 3.0 Flash Drive (ST3U28GR4 ). I simply obtained my corporate approved ISO image and provided a BitLocker Password. Next I installed the Surface Pro 3 drivers. Now I can simply go to recovery options > advanced startup > and choose a USB device. This allows me to connect to the corporate environment from home.

This is super cool and relatively fast. I highly recommend the 128 GB stick as I quickly burned through the 32GB option after applying patches.

I recently purchased this Dell Precision T7910 for my Hyper-V Lab. This machine is a powerhouse and surprisingly quite. You can barely hear the fans running after the machine posts. I currently have 128 GB  of 512  max ram and 3 Samsung EVO SSDs.  I feel confident knowing that I can do some serious lab work with this setup. That means I can publish some RAD b(v)logs in the near future.

 Purchases like these yield rewards for Dell "Advantage Rewards" members. The 5% reward helped me buy a Dell Venue 10 at a groovy price. Now my Surface Pro 3 has a little brother.

  Truth be told I would have preferred the surface 3. However I couldn't pass up the 5% rewards I racked up on T7910.